Origin of the universe

The origin of the universe is one of the greatest mysteries of mankind.

How was matter, energy, time and space produced? Whence exists matter and what is energy and space? Many believe that god has created the world. Another faith community considers the Big Bang for the beginning of all things. But was there really a Big Bang? Could you explain the origin of the universe without god and the Big Bang?

What keeps us on this earth?


Gravitation …


Of course anybody knows that.


Since Albert Einstein we also know that it is the curvature of space-time which let us not fall from this earth.

Sure, not everybody knows that, but it isn`t so bad.

But however come the body out to bend the the space and how they do that???

Nobody knows but it doesn´t interest further.

Or? Do you have interest???

Whence exists matter? Why bend matter the surrounding space?
Questions, questions, questions …

On the basis of the experimentally confirmed vacuum particles has been shown that in the void spontaneously and completely without Big Bang matter can be created. Which picture of the world would we have today if first the vacuum particles and then the redshift of the universe would have been discovered? Probably only an outsider would believe in the Big Bang theory. If matter can be produced in vacuum why should you go back to such improbable singularity, as it is the Big Bang now time? If the Big Bang is not so improbable why is there only one Big Bang? everything is impermanent. Why exactly the information carrier of the light, the photons should be eternally stable and immutable? If these aging and with it reducing the frequency, could you because of that explain the redshift of the universe?

Questions, questions, questions …

Are you including of the few people who want to know how we established, what moves us and what holds us together? Me too. Therefore, I have read, demand and think about. You certainly. Superficially, the current explanations look fairly obvious. From my perspective, but on closer inspection there are significant shortcomings and contradictory statements, such as the energy of the Big Bang, the dominance of matter over antimatter, or the age of the universe and much more.

One solution could sounds as follows …

Matter consist entirely of spiral-wound area. Elementary particles are body waves. All kinds of matter are thus a form of existence of the ubiquitous space. An energy transfer as equated with the transfer of one space wave to another space wave. Accordingly elementary consist of very compact space spirals. As a result of the wave-particle nature of all matter species.
The fact that matter wound space is being stretched to the surrounding area. (In the theory of relativity, they sa
y this is curved.) According to Einstein, the space expansion, the cause of gravitation. Gravity is therefore the equalent of matter. There is no matter without gravity. Gravity is in the true sense antimatter. The energy is thus compensated for the material creation. As shown by the formation of elementary particles in an absolute vacuum (vacuum energy), is not a big bang for the creation of matter is required. 

This is the basic assumption of the present space wave theory. This leads to a variety of new approaches to understanding our world. Here are a few areas: 

- The origin of matter and its origin 
- The nature of gravitation 
- How space is created 
- Common cause of electromagnetism and gravity 
- A big bang is not necessary for creation of matter, therefore there is no dark energy 
- The nature of dark matter will be explained 
- Declaration of redshift and the microwave background radiation 
- The nature of antimatter 
- And, and, and 

I want to emphasize at this point that I was not out to revolutionize the world and to throw many of the traditional theories on board. In my real life I have worked for years as an architect and had nothing to do with science in general too. Since I can not live by my profession, I pursue with this work any commercial purposes. However, the findings made by me, in my view are significant enough to seriously interested people should read it and think about it briefly. 

In the present considerations are not a complete scientific theory. I see it merely as a solution for research. This has been compared by me but intensively with reality. We found some good evidence for the correctness of the hypotheses. The longer I am so busy, in order to add more details in the big puzzle of the universe one and it is evolving an entirely new, comprehensive approach. 

I have found only one reason why the approach should not be voting. Many say it is not so. However, if it was going after what would be many people say, then the earth is still a window and the sun would continue to revolve around the human race. The solution is certainly not true in all respects. I'm interested in your thoughts on this. You can pay me via the satellite dish icon send an e-mail or participate in public in the debate

Finally, a quote from Frederick William Herschel (as an amateur astronomer, he had discovered in 1781 by Uranus): "In science, it is often useful to question things that everyone looks for granted." 


  live in Berlin                                          

  born 1963 in Dessau - Germany

  1990 degree as civil engineer


Have fun reading! 
Bernd Jaguste

Current developments:
If my space wave theory is correct, it should be the measurement of gravitational waves using laser beams (interferometer) will not be possible. This is, however, has been trying for years. The German plant GEO600 e.g. In 2002 the test runs and is in regular operation since 2005. As at a conference of the German Research Society (or something similar) was notified in 2007, it has improved the system again. It is now technically so far as to be able to measure gravitational waves. Other devices were developed in 3 countries in the world. Measured only one still has not a single gravitational wave. So, if you read in the coming days and weeks that really gravitational waves were measured, then you can safely throw away my preparation. If nothing is measured, the reasons could be written on the following pages are available.

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